We have been set up for a little while and decided to put together a website so that we could help more people than we do already. We try to help as many people as we can with their finances and felt that a website would be the next step to helping lots of different people for all sorts of backgrounds. We therefore put together some information that we thought would be really useful. We decided that we would have some articles, focussing on different things with lots of information in which we hoped would help lots of people. We feel that it is a good way to explain finance to a lot of people and will allow them to be able to take some steps to improve their own situation all on their own. We find it hard to ask for help and perhaps may not even realise that we need it until we have a better understanding of money matters. We hope that the information covers areas that will impact a lot of people and that they will be able to see how easy it can potentially be to make the changes that they need to make so that they are able to improve their situation.